“Since middle school I have continued to have a very strong interest in menswear, and this interest has made me determined to become a menswear designer. When I watch men’s fashion shows or look at the fashion section of men’s magazines I am deeply impressed and inspired. Besides this, it makes me feel better; I feel a sense of relief when I see good menswear design.” Yul Eum







“My parents’ clothing filled up big wardrobes in my home. Garments were a fascinating toy for me when I was a little girl. I was not allowed to play with my parents clothing, so I would sneak in and look at them little by little. Each time I would get caught and my parents would scold me for messing up their room and wardrobe, so I learned to look at the clothing very stealthily. The wardrobes were so big for little girl, l would have to bring in chairs to climb on in order to see the garments. I remember I used to fall off with a thud trying to reach too high. Everyday rummaging around in my parents’ wardrobe was my secret daily work, and I was so happy. I enjoyed playing with the clothes and it was the biggest pleasure in my childhood.” Yul Eum






“I think that Fashion Institute of Technology is the best institution for me to strengthen my basic knowledge of design and to improve my skills. If I am granted the opportunity to study at FIT, I will bring my adventurous spirit and bold decision making to the classroom. My curiosity about fashion will never cease to grow. FIT is the place that will lead me to the world of fashion.” Yul Eum