Congratulations to Paul Chen on his acceptance into THREE of the top Masters in Architecture programs!   CORNELL, UPenn and UCLA!

“My parallel interests in architecture, visual arts and psychology have gradually shaped my intent to build up and fuse the three fields for my future educational and professional career. Architecture has become the pinnacle where I can use each interest in a capacity that intrigues me.” – Paul Chen


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“My professional interest is to become a good architect who offers innovative solutions to problematic factors within the field of architecture. For example, nostalgia is central to my design ideas. Holding a preference for traditional oriental and Renaissance architecture, I desire to preserve the refined decorative elements and overall aesthetic in contemporary architecture. There are two solutions; preservation or renovation of historical architecture. I would like to be part of the implementation of traditional artistic elements in present day design.” Paul Chen


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“I have a tendency to spontaneously pay attention to and appreciate the aestheticism and practical functioning of certain existing architecture.” -Paul Chen


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“My appreciation of architecture is enhanced by my background in psychology.  I chose psychology as the focus of my undergraduate studies. I consider this to be a great asset to my goals as an architect. How to interlace the two has been the focus of my present work. Comprehending how the mind functions and how human behavior is directed is essential in creating human-friendly structures and environments. I am thoughtful about the human element in my designs, which has led me to design structures that are practical and considerate.” – Paul Chen


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“Organizational psychologists argue that both privacy and communication are important in a working environment. In knowing the concept and generalizing it to a larger scale, I used individual partitions in my urban park design project, rendering interaction and securing intimacy at the same time in a recreational environment. In a different project I designed a community housing complex based on the same elements of human interaction and intimacy. This residential building was designed to explore and model innovative approaches to ecological and social sustainability.” – Paul Chen


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“My academic background in Psychology allows me to offer a unique angle on architectural design.”- Paul Chen


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